“No Mom!  Don’t cut my hair!”

Mom Regrets

Let’s just start this out by saying that I am far from perfect. I make mistakes daily. Also- I’m not a professional hair stylist.

What I am is a busy mom of two. My husband works out of the state so I am mostly doing the single mom thing. I have a son in kindergarten and a very dramatic two year old. There’s a problem in our house- my kids hate haircuts. Thus, I have taken it upon myself to educate myself via You Tube on how to cut kids hair.

Let me set the scene for you. I’m throwing my son a birthday party in a couple of weeks. My dining room table is covered with craft supplies because I decided that it would be better to make my own spaceship piñata than to order one on Amazon. (Why?) It’s a great project to do with my kids (haha, as if they’re helping). So I’m papier mache-ing this thing and my son is terrorizing his sister. She’s screaming. They’re fighting over chocolate bunny cookies. I’m covered in glue.

My daughter climbs on a chair so she can wail about her many maladies at eye level. “Ollie hurt me! He no share! My bunnies! My eye hurts!” Your eye hurts, huh? Her hair has been growing into her eyes apparently. I can fix that. I grabbed the scissors from the mounds of craft supplies on my table and lobbed off her bangs. Oh no.

They were sooo short! Comically short. No problem. I can make it look right. I’ll just whack off the rest of it. You know, to even it out. Off goes the length in the back. It’s fine. I can layer it. That will help…

So now my daughter looks like a demented pixie. Good thing she’s cute.

I stepped back to look at it and felt my stomach sink to my knees. Oh crap. She looks crazy. She looks like she has a mom who was mad at her and punished her by taking away her good looks. (Karma, baby. You moms of toddlers know what I’m talking about here. Those tiny monsters.)

The only thing to do now is to own it. She thinks she looks fierce because kids have all the confidence. I’m shrugging my shoulders and patting myself on the back for skipping a torturous salon visit with a two year old. Hair grows after all.

This got me thinking about all of the other things I regret as a mom. Telling my son two years ago that I would take him to the trampoline park, for example. Elephants have nothing on a kid when it comes to memory. He still brings it up. More serious things too. All of these regrets that I’m holding onto. Why? It’s not helping me. Ultimately, I do my best. Guilt and regret do nothing to make me a better mom.

Hair grows.

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Emily is a mom of two who is passionate about standing up for and encouraging moms. She lives in Loma, CO with her son, daughter, husband, and small menagerie of pets. Emily offers pre and post natal coaching for Moms on a variety of topics. Check out the available services at www.mamacoachonline.com

Seriously. Demented pixie.
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